i wrote a paper as a senior in high school about this and when tracking the unhealthy relationship symptoms i found this out too. fucking a.

THIS is a legitimate reason to think Twilight is problematic. Not “oooh, but it’s girly literature cause the vampires sparkle and all the teen girls are into Edward”. As funny as some of the sparkly vampires jokes are - and they really sometimes are - Twilight’s very unique take on vampires is the least of the series’ problems, yet this criticism gets heard a lot more than the criticism of people who have noticed that something isn’t quite right in the relationship between Edward and Bella.

Anyone who thinks “it’s so romantic that he wanted to eat her and also snuck into her room without her permission to watch her sleep” really, REALLY needs to…rethink their definition of “romantic.”

so funny story time (and when i say funny i actually mean sad).

one of my students wrote a (very poorly worded) dissertation about bella and edward’s flawlessly romantic relationship. i gave her a D. she sent her mother to talk to me because according to her i was “letting my personal taste cloud my judgment” and “teachers should be objective, judge the form and not the content” (since when?, i might add. but yeah).

i pointed out that her daughter had declared twilight a ‘soul-warming love story’, gave her a pamphlet about abusive relationships and told her to read the books.

she came back two weeks later and apologized.

Yes. All of this. I read the first one and gagged. It was just.. no. Seriously. No.

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