Random Nerdlesque Musings #5

Hello lovlies, time for another edition of Random Nerdlesque Musings!  I’ll be using this format from now on so you guys can hear the music and not have to youtube it. 

So, today’s victim…I mean lucky character is everyone’s favorite young archer and one-half of the Spitfire ship, Artemis Crock!

Now, there was only one song I can Artemis dance to and that is White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane.  Seeing as she compares her life to Alice of the Wonderland fame, this makes sense on that level.  What with the fluctuations in her life and all.   And let’s face it, Artemis may have thought Superboy was her white rabbit, but we all know who it really was.

So that’s my musings for the day!  And I didn’t forget about your suggestion, avarosier!  I’ll get it done, I promise.  Once again, leave your thoughts and suggestions in the ask box.  Hope to hear from you guys soon!